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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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the capital plan includes that i had lighting now where it hadn't in the past he the other highlight from the 10 year capital plan we're also just recently completed street light assessment that assessment use a sample to project what our capital needs will be and has estimated one .5 to over $5 million for urgent repairs on the street light system like you alluded to the gerrero corridor that's been fixed but not the only area that is in urgent need of repair that assessment provided us with a uniform and comprehensive method to take outdo the field and now need an implementation plan for the work.
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>> the capital plan ongoing implementation we'll have a much better picture of the assets themselves then we preservation do we're ahead of pg&e we have all our street lights mapped that we own and know where they are we don't have the condition of the street light system and that is what this assessment item on our capital plan will fund the more careful assessment. >> just my comments off the assessment that's nice for the puc owned but in my district 090 percent is owned by pg&e that's in the contestanting so my frustration is the unresponsiveness that the utility company really has been to make repairs are larger
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absent from tennis shoes on an overhead wire to companies pointing to puc no one taking the ownership this is helpful it maps out exactly 95 percent of any problem pg&e is the sole force or the recommend to softly the challenges i'm interested in making the city look at the ownerships of 95 percent how do i help with that process. >> well, so a couple of thoughts. >> it's a tough question. >> that will be a city policy to happen i know there are you know going to be issues in terms of evaluation of pg&e street lights like the things for maintenance they're probably not
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worth as much as pg&e think they're worth ms. hail. >> the issue where you begin supervisor with the level of service i'm how have we're going to make headway in asking the california puc to ask pg&e to have performance goals and to report their maintenance activities on an annual basis i'm hopeful that will help but at the end of the day i suspect people won't be concerned about the level of service if their at the level you want in other words of ownership you know pg&e has sold street lights to other cities the process for that is typically an negotiation between the city and the utility
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a precede at the california puc because from the regulate terrors prospective the owner of that set asset is pg&e rate fairs to make sure that the rate pairs get appropriate value so far the asset so it's the c p puc ultimately decides whether the prices that pentagon and the city have negotiated is appropriate and that transaction can be appropriated at the state level it's a road that's been traveled, if you will, by another cities we've pursue is in district 10 where most of the street lights are on pg&e light poles and some recent examples where pg&e has sold similar the cross arm and the limb and part
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of the street light not the pole that's a wood utility pole so we have ready examples when we've looked the system we know that pg&e owns we've tried to see how much they're going to cost the city to install led system in its place we estimate that costs us too 62 and one hundred and 15 million that's a rough estimate not a insignificant endeavor and be responsible for bringing those systems up to our level of service exceptions and would need to look at what the operation and maintenance costs will be to seem those responsibilities. >> i have another quick question i think about i know it's been over a year i've heard
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the general manager of the puc speaking of a grid pilot program to have all the lights in san francisco on a grid when a light burns out so we can move efficiently and effectively what's the status of the pilot program. >> we've completed our pilot we have five or six systems throughout the city that were operating a handful of latin-american remotely when the light is fully on and flickering what the conditions from a desk tape or mobile devices so we won't under this situation need to rely on someone to notice and take action a two-step process a
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lot of people notice when something it wrong but not take action those are eliminate that steps we'll get a report every morning what lights are running and not we'll roll trucks to take action we received bids for conversion of the street lights we own that have a cobra head still not historic or decorative just a cobra head style to replace those and allow us to monitor the street lights we've received 31 bids in this request for parole process and we'll be take into account what those bids tell us and fully take action on moving forward that's a funded program it was funded in prior capital plan year it
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was funded at 167 million dollars that will convert about 17 thousand of lights we own and it will establish this wireless networked so i'm hopeful in the next few years the system will be installed the cobra head lights. >> now my question is specific to the quality of light i think i've heard it is led in the transition an led has a hire a better quality output of illumination; is that correct. >> uh-huh. >> what's the type of light the orange. >> we have high pressure sod yes, i am light that have's an orangeish glow they're not dark sky comparable so the light is
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sort broadly cast and not focused on the street and the situation and do we have sensors on lights when there's a motion it automatically comes on. >> the only street lights sensors since the level of lighting so it tells the light when it's dark enough to come on the only sensors we have today. >> thank you for your time. >> that concludes my presentation. i'm happy to take any other questions you have i'll stay for the balance of the meeting. >> right now so on gerrero street light where the puck is replacing the lights how are you evaluating whether to the pedestrian level for the benefit of the public we have our street
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lights system by and large was built as if pedestrian on sidewalks didn't exist to the lights are very, very high-up even though cars have headlights and not on the situation so if you happen to have trees for example, that will block out the lights that reach to the sidewalk and have dim pedestrian lighting will be low level lighting the tradition is the old style lights that are closer to the sidewalk when the taller lights - so how does the puc make the decision. >> today, there are 0 nationally recognized guidelines for the amount of light that should be cast into a sidewalk to address the pedestrian needs
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we look to the better streets plan to guide us on where we should be incurring additional costs for pedestrian lights we're evaluating all of the street light improvements projects for the level of lighting that would hit the sidewalks as well as the street and our with the new lighting technologies now the lighting is can be much more indirectlyal centered on the areas and less defused so we're including that in the as a basic engineering step on all the latin-american improvements we're engineering we will have additional costs to meet that pedestrian lighting guideline where the better streets plan says we should be installing excuse me. that he
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had lighting it's part of our jerry design review okay. thank you. >> thank you okay. at this point, we'll open that item number one for public comment any public comment on item one, if so, please come forward. >> the street lighting i was watching the mayor led prior to assess from geary to powell street chinatown the cable car i what could from montgomery to powell so this is why i see some lady the transit lady i was exposing myself to the metal and stocking stockton and saw the special totally broke up the engine so - ca i can't think
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about it. >> any is there any additional public comment on item one seeing none, public comment is closed okay. colleagues i have one minor typo graphical amendment on page 3 line 5 towards the end of the line the word gale should be deleted in developing the lighting standards by 2014 just delegating the word sail cox. >> and colleagues could i have a motion to forward item number one to the full board of supervisors with a positive recommendation. >> so moved. >> workman's compensation that's the order thank you, colleagues madam clerk can i please call item number 4. >> item number 4 a resolution
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granting the local permission to ecology incorporated for ached waste constriction for hunters point shipyard and okay supervisor cohen is the author and we have barbara from dpw here and thank you very much hi, everyone nice to see you colleagues thanks for hearing this item i'll definitely keep my remarks brief this is the the hunters point shipyard and candle stick point one of the environmental condones of this is a automated waste system that replaces the method of picking up energy where people put out bins on the situation and picked up by trucks it will be replaced by an underground section you'll
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have the garbage to a centralized area barbara will talk about this she's from dpw and bringing a short presentation. >> thank you, supervisors good afternoon barbara with the department of public works as supervisor cohen we have a request for an improvement public works received a request to occupy the public right-of-way for a automatic waste systems for underground pipes and hypotheticals within the hunters point shipyard i'll show you the map this is candle stick point can i have the overhead please thank you. >> this is the area for candle
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stick point and the area for hunters point shipyard hunters point area and -- excuse-me. >> this was referred to the planning department and they've found it is in conformance the planning department the comment of infrastructure issued an addendum for the project on may 2014 and public hearing was held by the department of public works and the director of public works recommended this for approval we request the approval and like to inform you are the project sponsor is here to answer any capital questions and, of course, i'll be here to answer any questions about the permitted. >> supervisor cohen anything additional before public comment.
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>> okay. we'll opening it up for public comment to item 4 police department come forward. >> supervisor couple a day ago i was in san francisco i was driving from japan center and between van ness and market i say young young young kaiks men fighting each other so i can tell for them to there's what a aspire competition story way to handle fist fighting to handle one another, however, i mean actually this war we don't chief in terms of the we are powerful because we exist for good
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friendship for people how they handle people and treat people everyday in life this is necessary to be in a tough position being difficult if someone charges you and everything those young kids they may not have a leader of society to make them more leader academic school of systematic order of good behavior apart from the college you know such a difficult element - >> is there any additional public comment on item 4? seeing none, public comment is closed supervisor cohen >> thank you. i like to make a motion we move forward with a positive recommendation. >> the motion to move to the
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full board with a positive recommendation and we'll take that without objection. >> great, thank you. >> madam clerk will you call item 3. >> item 3 the resolution gravrnt the a lesson version between octavia and laguna street. >> supervisor breed is the author and someone from her office is here. >> thank you chair wiener so i'll be very brief giving you a thirty thousand foot there are parcels that used to be part of the central freeway at okay. and octavia avalon by a bay is having a project and they'll be developing affordable housing on parcel 11 in between those two is an old alley called hickory
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street not in use prior to the central freeway so, now in conjunction with the project they're developing avalon bay is seeking improvement for hickory street that's the jeopardy landscape i'm going to turn it over to the representative from the public works and joel is here with additional information thank you. >> thank you good afternoon, board of supervisors i'm the
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public works san francisco mapping okay. thank you this hickory is the measure in question our office received from the developer avalon bay communities it is a part of a bigger project that includes if i can go to the next - and hickory is as soon as as a premier 325 and 333 oak street which the project itself is a 5 story building has one hundred and 82 unit residential and bridge scale with parking
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underground the next point shows the lot with the jell is the actual lot between octavia and laguna street initially octavia was undeveloped part of it was up to lot a was driveable measure in question includes the improvement will develop the street and make it a first street one way coming from octavia to laguna and has the measure other stuff will have a curb also street or shared street which is part of the better street plan that will have one garage from an exit along the street and situation will be on the side of the street
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it will have a new side stores to be extent to an existing one they'll have a valley gutter that is killer improved by sf puc and other shaping trees. >> this is basically showing the improvement even though it is not as familiar on my drawings but then the next one after that the city after reviewing refer it to city planning and sf puc and transfer sf mta and the fire department for approval the city recommend for approval and complies in
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compliance with their general plans and they approved it on may 9, 2013, mta recommend for approval on august 28th of this year and fire department approved it on their preplanning of last year actually 2012 moving forward after you see the agencies that approved we had a notification to the neighbors which is the 3 had had radius map and scheduled for public hearing with public works we had our public hearing and no objections and after the director of public works recommended this project forward for their resolution the grant
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permission for the lot a that's where we are now any questions? thank you. >> okay. thank you very much yeah. >> so - i want to take up a few seconds supervisor wiener and supervisors thank you to supervisor breed and staff from dpw doing a great job to get this implemented and nick and ms. short were structural in this we're ending this project we're thrilled to be providing what is sure to be a well loved public amenity and in the making of the better street plan and alley plan so thank you. >> thank you very much mr. johnson are you up for a
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presentation and at this point we'll open up item 3 for public comment is there any public comment on item 3 if so please cord come forward. >> i would say i mean when i recent study b upon the area of san francisco was striking it was a little area like angle island or alcatraz i'm only a low person i'm not a person of the island my time an hostage of the island not a slave to the angel item so everything about this is fracture was to appreciate just to status quo
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having the thousand pipe parkway for the - is there any additional public comment on item 3 seeing none, public is closed colleagues could i have a motion to forward item 3 to the full board of supervisors with a positive recommendation. >> we'll take that without objection. applying madam clerk call item 2. >> a hearing requesting presentation from various departments for the traffic congestion program. >> okay supervisor kim requested this hearing. >> thank you, supervisor wiener and all for being here i'm sure you're aware of because i talk about this issue pedestrian safety is an important issue for our office and especially for the district we represent that includes the south of market and the tenderloin neighborhood because of the close proximity of the neighborhood to our
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freeways and entrances and exits to a variety of neighborhood and, of course, the employment centers south of market area tenderloin in particular the east selma and beacon hill have historically experienced intense amount of gridlock because of their proximity this is esz batted when we opened our giants stadium in 2000 to begin posting our worldwide series team and continues to grow this part of san francisco one of the most dense areas of san francisco and san francisco community transportation authority recent 2010 calibration study they said there will be total gridlock in 20035 unless we're able to reduce the traffic volume by 26 percent we're seeing that as jobs and housing grows in our
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may be that is a positive thing but continue to work on pedestrian safety concerns throughout the district in 2011, we established a workshop from the tenderloin and south of market and south beach neighborhood for advocating for pedestrian safety one of the issues we've heard about is about the impact of walking through the neighborhood after a game and the experience of feeling intimated by the number of cars that gridlock on third street or townsend or main and harrison or other intersections with cars that are angrily trying to get in and out of our neighborhoods and the experience that state has been often for pedestrians and cyclists we have to maneuver their way around cars that block the box
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we also know we've lost many lives and also have injured many of our neighborhoods because of the fact we've not managed the congestion outcomes very well one of the first and most heartbreaking stories from beacon hill who lost a 63 year-old friend in december of 2004 at the intersection of main and harrison she was out in her neighborhood because the direct told her to walk for her health and we should be encouraging walking as a mode of transportation and continue to build our office and residential buildings throughout our city we have to have more people to walk because it is not a reality to drive in our cars we should


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